Going to drupa? Here are 5 things you can’t do without

Posted by Catherine Carter

1 Comfortable Shoes.
If it is your first time at the world’s biggest graphics arts trade show, then I am sure you will think that I am over exaggerating and that it can’t possibly be that anti-feet.
But please wear in any new shoes, pick feet-friendly over fashion-forward and locate your cushioned gel inserts. 11 days, 17 halls and 1.8 million square feet of exhibition space do not make for a toe-pampering environment. Literally pacing yourself is the best way to get the most out of your attendance.
Aside for taking all foot-care precautions what else should you consider before visiting the show?

2 Planning Ahead
Vital and often underestimated is planning what you want to see and do. You may have registered that there are 17 halls but what that means in terms of scale and time to walk from one of your chosen exhibitors to another cannot be fully appreciated until you are at the show.
Thoughtful pre-attendance & consideration to navigation will ensure you see everything you want in a minimum number of steps – something you will be grateful of, no matter how good your choice of well cushioned foot attire.

Having a plan will support any aims of visiting you have – be that learning about new technologies, getting an overview of market trends or testing out a number of solutions before a potential purchase. It will also ensure you remain focussed. It is so easy to get side tracked when you spot something interesting, bump into a colleague or just simply get lost.

3 Visit the drupa website
The saying “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” rings true here. drupa holds a unique place on the graphic arts industry calendar and draws together a fantastic range of exhibitors so review the drupa website for the map, app and latest news.

4 Consult Trade Press
Also check out the trade press for indicators of things not to be missed. They will flag up expectations and put them in to context with not only the previous show but in terms or today's market. Changes are taking place at such a fast pace today that a greater understanding before you go will allow you to cut through the fanfair and get to the facts.

5 Speak to suppliers
Even talk to you your suppliers about what they expect from the show. Getting a broader perspective of what is perceived to be potentially business enhancing will help you to identify what to look for much more effectively. The collosal scale of the show is daunting when you arrive so having a clear understanding of what you want to achieve will yield better results.

To see what you need to, and to get the best from your time and cost investment takes a bit of planning, but the rewards can be reaped long after the show doors have closed.

Are there any important tips and tricks we forgot? Let us know in the comments!

Catherine Carter
duomedia Content PR consultant


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