Chinese translations

How different is Simplified Chinese from Traditional Chinese?

Posted by Florence Kircher

Ever needed your texts to be translated into Chinese but don’t quite know the difference between Chinese and Mandarin? Not sure if Chinese Simplified or Traditional Chinese is right for you? duomedia will help you find some answers.

The Chinese…

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content matrix

Content matrix - Are you using a spoon to cut your bread?

Posted by Louis De Nolf

As a business you want to create content that really connects and engages with your target audience. But when you’re using a spoon to cut your ‘B2B communication bread’, the result will not be what you were hoping for. That’s why duomedia created a…

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duomedia press conference

Getting the most out of trade events

Posted by Louis De Nolf

For many organisations, trade events provide ideal venues for announcing product launches and innovations. They offer the ability to address a large target audience about products and solutions a company has to offer and its strategic direction. It…

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Going to drupa? Here are 5 things you can’t do without

Posted by Catherine Carter

1 Comfortable Shoes.
If it is your first time at the world’s biggest graphics arts trade show, then I am sure you will think that I am over exaggerating and that it can’t possibly be that anti-feet.
But please wear in any new shoes, pick feet-friendly…

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Warum die drupa so wichtig ist

Posted by Annette Finn

(English version underneath)

Rot fällt auf. Rot ist die Farbe der drupa. – An dieser Farbe kommen wir in den nächsten Monaten nicht vorbei, dafür sorgt allein schon die geballte Medienpräsenz der Messe Düsseldorf, dem Veranstalter der weltgrößten…

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Hi, hallo, bonjour, Guten Tag, ola, ciao

Posted by Louis De Nolf

Don’t you just love it when somebody suddenly addresses you in your mother tongue when you least expect it? It immediately adds sympathy and could possibly open the door to a more familiar interpersonal relationship. No misunderstandings, no more…

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