Hi, hallo, bonjour, Guten Tag, ola, ciao

Posted by Louis De Nolf

Don’t you just love it when somebody suddenly addresses you in your mother tongue when you least expect it? It immediately adds sympathy and could possibly open the door to a more familiar interpersonal relationship. No misunderstandings, no more…

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When communication and sales have a love affair

Posted by Maya Staels

When it comes to PR we often get the question ‘what will this generate in sales?’ Realising the KPI’s and ROI we put forward for each venture remain a challenge in this line of work - it’s not an exact science after all. And yet we leave little to…

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Summer holidays are over - label class is in session.

Posted by Filip Weymans

Guest blog by Filip Weymans

September - time to get back to school. And as I am prepping for the start of the label school year kick-off, aka Labelexpo Europe 2015, I’m reminiscing on the two label conferences I attended before the summer and rarely…

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The new wonderful world of Content PR…

Posted by Anja D'Hondt

Interview with Content PR-chitect Anja D’Hondt, Managing Director at duomedia

The boundaries between earned, owned and paid media continue to dissolve at an exponential rate as consumer preferences constantly change communication dynamics. We are…

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Make Your Customers the Stars of Your Marketing

Posted by Jennifer Matt

Guest blog by Jennifer Matt

I was reading a draft case study the other day about a printer who had purchased a lot of technologies from a specific print software vendor. The case study was predominately about the vendor’s technology (boring), with…

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value proposition

How to make your customers listen…

Posted by Louis De Nolf

In a B2B environment it is not always easy to stand out and catch your customers' attention. A lot of the content in B2B communication is typically focused on new technologies and products. Stories often feature technical details, emphasising the…

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