My epic journey from label printer to label service provider

Posted by Lut Verschueren

When I received a recent invitation from Stratus Packaging, a FINAT member, I jumped at the opportunity to attend the event, not only because I have supported FINAT for the last 4 years but above all because I knew it would bring me into the heart of…

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Interpack 2014, Disneyland for packaging & labelling

Posted by Louis De Nolf

One could not help but feel impressed when walking past hall after hall, filled to the brim with all kinds of stands & machinery, at the 2014 edition of Interpack @Messe Düsseldorf.

If you tried to write down the various sectors connected to the…

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Ipex 2014 - a fresh perspective

Posted by Louis De Nolf

Having joined duomedia since November last year, this edition of Ipex was the first one I ever experienced. Then again this Ipex had a first time feeling for a lot of people since the event took place in London instead of Birmingham. As an event…

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Behind the scenes: lessons learned on our journey to Belarus

Posted by Elena Bondarenko

Increasingly, online video is playing a bigger role in the way businesses communicate. The reason for this growth is that it works; video gives companies an interactive and compelling way to share their story with a wide audience.

So when Esko wanted…

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How do you measure the value of a conference?

Posted by Annie Hotton

Two conferences stand out for me this year so far – first the BAPC in January which was great fun and second, the IPIA event held last week 11th June at Puckrup Hall in Tewkesbury. I truly believe the 2014 IPIA conference was the best yet. Its always a…

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The packaging arena is undergoing a paradigm shift

Posted by Louis De Nolf

"This tweet"

This tweet was posted following the visionary keynote presentations and workshops taking place during the three-day Packaging and Converting Executive (PACE) Forum in Brussels last week. This PACE Forum was well attended by brand owners,…

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