A recipe from Lutt - Surf & Turf Tartar of Crayfish & Beef Carpaccio

Posted by Lutt Willems

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Lutt Willems is Director Client Relations at duomedia, and brings more than 25 years’ experience of delivering successful PR campaigns in various markets. In her current position, she oversees the strategic direction for clients’ and duomedia’s campaigns, manages the account team, and develops new business opportunities.

250 g crayfish • 8 slices of beef carpaccio • 40 g parmesan cheese • ½ Granny Smith apple • A handful of rocket salad • ½ lemon • Chives • Fresh tarragon • Oil, pepper, salt (fleur de sel) • Cocktail mayonnaise • Balsamic vinegar • Walnut oil

Chop the crayfish and add the finely chopped herbs. Add a spoonful of cocktail mayo, pepper & salt.

Place 2 slices of beef carpaccio on a plate. Put the tartar mix in the middle and close the folds so you end up with a little package.

Mix the rocket salad and julienne-shaped apple parts with walnut oil, a few drops of balsamic vinegar, pepper and salt.

Put the rocket salad mix on a plate as the basis. Place the beef package on top and finish off with fleur de sel and parmesan shavings.

Enjoy with a chilled glass of white wine.