hubergroup is increasing prices for printing varnishes and coatings


Price adjustments are inevitable, due to rising cost especially for binders

Kirchheim near Munich/Germany, 10 April 2017 – Due to massive price increases of important raw materials for printing varnishes and coatings during the past months, the production costs of several product groups have risen noticeably. Water-based and energy curing printing varnishes are seriously affected because the binder components have become significantly more expensive. The expenses for important basic upstream products, such as styrene and acrylic acid, grew severely.

Striving to serve the customers with best quality products and services offered at fair prices, the printing ink manufacturer feels forced to react to the increased cost for water-based coatings and UV varnishes with an adjustment of sales prices by up to 10%.

About hubergroup:

hubergroup is one of the world’s leading specialists for printing inks, coatings and press room auxiliaries, currently comprising 40 companies and 130 sites. This successful, family-owned enterprise, with more than 250 years of experience and expertise in the printing-inks industry, manufactures top-quality products for packaging, commercial and newsprinting. 2016 saw the Group, with its global workforce of more than 3500, generate sales worth some €820 million.

For more information about the company, please go to www.hubergroup.com.

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