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What your design says about your business
Posted by Elisabeth Decabootere

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When a company’s visuals start to look outdated, you get the same feeling about their products and services. Whether it is the logo, the web design, the quality of a flyer, the lay-out of the newsletter or the presentation template used by the teams, they all tell an important story: the company’s identity and culture.

If you want your business and products to be perceived as innovative, its visuals and design need to follow suit. If this is not the case, your credibility crumbles. This may sound logical, but it’s ever so important to keep in mind next time you work on your company’s marketing.


Design tells a lot about a business. It breathes the company’s vision and philosophy. Its development is a step that can be easily overlooked amidst the hundreds of concerns you are juggling when running a business.


The first thing potential stakeholders will encounter is your design. You want to make sure your company makes a good first impression. In a fraction of a second, someone’s mind is made up. It’s that magical moment that determines whether they will look further into your products and services. Your business brand image reaches further than just your logo and your website. It’s your daily communication. You need to grab your readers' attention on all channels and make sure that ‘first impression’ is spot on.


Here’s where a good design comes into play. Your logo and branding should convey your business message effectively and leave a lasting impression. You want to create a unique identity. To be credible, a consistent thread should run across all the visuals in your communication. Create emotion and let your company’s design be an experience your audience will remember.


No small task, one Elisabeth is eager to help you with. Check some of our references and read more on our graphic services here


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