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How to get the most out of your B2B Social Media activity
Posted by Louis De Nolf

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Social media has become an intricate part of our daily lives. It’s safe to say, brand managers in a B2B environment who find that being active on social media is not worth the effort, will lose many opportunities to their competitors.


In terms of marketing and communication, reaching people has never been as easy and available as it is today. A business in a remote location can attract the attention of a prospect on the other side of the world, provided they both have an internet connection. As a business or brand, you want to be active where your clients and future clients are located. Social media provides brands with the opportunity to engage with their target audience.

The focus of a social media strategy is often commercial. However a nice additional advantage is the internal impact on an organisation. When a business is active on social media, colleagues and shareholders are much better informed about the business they represent than ever before.

The question is ‘How do you approach social media on a day-to-day basis?’. You may have someone checking the social media channels your business is active on daily. This means checking what content is available, what message could be shared, searching for visuals, preparing posts. If this is the way your social media is being handled right now, would you dare to check how much time a month is spent on your activity? The result might be staggering.

That is why we advise to work in a structured way. The centre of all your social media efforts should be a content calendar. This calendar contains:

  • The date and time you want to schedule your social media posts
  • The channels you want to post your content on
  • The text you will use in the required language
  • The visual/video you want to use

Ricoh case study

Ricoh case


How to use a social media content calendar

First you need to gather your organisation’s messaging: the major focus points of your communication in the upcoming period. After the suitable date and time has been determined for posting, this messaging is adapted to the channel it is intended for, both in copy and/or visuals. Once this is set up, an approval round will make sure everything is ready for scheduling. A scheduling tool guarantees that the content is published at the exact date and time you intended. Your social media can of course still be further nurtured with more ad hoc content, but your calendar will make sure your organisation’s social media activity is efficient and nicely planned out.


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