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What your B2B Social Media needs to be successful
Posted by Louis De Nolf

Generating visibility on social media requires planning, determination, time, effort and yes… budget. It is a communication tool that runs on a very valuable resource. Content. And none of that cheap stuff, no no. Quality content.


Band managers are often concerned that they are not involved in the key conversations of their industry. There is a hunch that somewhere in the tunnels within the maze of LinkedIn groups, decision makers are discussing amongst each other what software, hardware and suppliers they are going to choose. I highly doubt that. Perhaps you’ve witnessed already someone who carelessly opened hunting season by asking on LinkedIn “hey does anyone know a good supplier?” What happens next is the equivalent of lowering a piece of meat in a tank full of hungry piranhas. In the end the initiator is left confused with 27 contacts and even more possibilities and is none the wiser.

The solution? Create and share content that is valuable to the people you’re trying to reach. Show the solutions you provide to a problem. Share the advantages and added value you can provide. Reveal new alternatives your audience may not have realised yet. There are numerous ways to do this. I already would like to share a few.


Videos often score well because people know exactly how much time they’re going to spend on
it. Time has become a valuable resource. Share an interview with a satisfied client, your technician talking about his experience after solving a problem. There are so many interesting stories your business and brands can share. One thing that is vital though. The quality needs to be good both visually and audibly. Make no mistake, the quality of your product or service will automatically be connected to the quality of your video. That’s why we at duomedia only work with professionals.


Blogs are a great way to show-off your experience and expertise. Your insights on the market can attract a lot of attention. Spotting trends indicates that your business is alert and innovative. Blogs can also demonstrate that there are personalities behind a brand. When communicated from a personal view you show your business cares. That there is a human side to your organisation that understands the struggles and issues faced by professionals.


Articles and third-party content strengthen your credibility. If I tell you ‘you should trust me because I am great’, you might be sceptical. The same message but told by someone else ‘this guy is great, what he does really works’ gives the message a lot more sincerity. Content is a precious material, get the most out of its lifespan by repurposing it. If your business generates visibility through PR, pick those stories up on your social media!


Amongst the rubble it’s hard to stand out. That’s why your content needs great visuals to give it the edge it needs. Infographics, gifs and genuinely nice visuals combined with good copy draw the attention to your brand and business. This results in traffic to your website and more engagement.

Businesses often have difficulties setting up a good messaging. I often hear ‘we don’t have a lot to say’. You’d be surprised how many angles you’re missing, what great stories your business can share.

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