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6 ways to get the most out of your LinkedIn page
Posted by Ailsa Willis

Stay with us to pick up a few tips that will not only help you increase your number of followers, but also help develop a more active and interactive LinkedIn page for your B2B company. As you may imagine, there are many tips and useful tools out there on the subject. Here is duomedia’s selection.


  1. Get your page noticed

This may be the most obvious one, but you need to share your page information wherever you can. Add it to your professional email signature, on your website, in newsletters. Adding a call to action “follow us” button can often do the trick.
Essentially, it should be easy for people to find you on social media. You’d be surprised at the number of companies that are still hard to find… Don’t be one of them!


  1. Get your employees involved

Make sure you get the people in your company involved. Encourage them to list themselves as employees on LinkedIn, to be more engaged and to share content. This will definitely help to grow your organic reach.


  1. Be active (and interactive!) in groups and chats

Another way to get noticed is to be active participants in groups and chats within your field, get yourself out there and make sure you’re being seen. Joining groups is very useful to do research on your competitors’ activity and the interesting people in your industry. If you’re lucky, you could also pick up a few new sales leads!


  1. Make your content count

Avoid stock images when possible. It always looks better to have original content when it comes to images. Creative, eye catching content will win over your audiences!


  1. Don’t be too sales-centric

Your content should not focus solely on sales. Ideally, you should balance it out as following: 50% about your company and your brand, 25% about your sector, and 25% about subjects that you find interesting. This last quarter will help your audience see you as individuals behind the company and therefore more reachable. It’s the impression of the people behind the company that will make the difference!


  1. Keep it regular!

To insure your audience stays interested in your content, you need to make it regular and consistent.
Make sure you have an active web presence. Of course other advantages of regular content are improved SEO and brand awareness.
Don’t forget to renew and repeat your content. Typically, you will need a couple of repetitions before people react to your content, or click on that link.



Ailsa Willis
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